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Oh Life

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Were to even began with the last few days... First off watching movies makes me over think life and for some reason I just enjoy the feeling of watching a good movie. It really sometime puts life in a new perspective. Aside from the new perspective thing, my future goals are changing all around me. I guess I needed to break away to really see the true me for a few moments. I was tangled up in everyone elses lives that I could not even see my own, I guess sometimes I can be a bit to over caring. Thats not a bad thing though only a thing that needs to be watched at times and tuned down a bit. This week really made me look at many parts of my life. Some parts make me happy, others a little sad. My emotions have been all up and down, I don't even know. Thats besides the point that I am trying to make though. This week has really made me develop a feel for my future. I know I have these supposive awesome friends and family, but honestly were have they been at times? Like when I was hurt the most my supposive "Best Friends" were to busy with there boy friends. So whom did I vent to, my teacher.. As odd as that may seem he is awesome and made me understand many things. Though if you were to ask any teenager who they went to when times were rough and they replied that.. yeah. I suppose that we all find people in our life through different things and that it doesn't matter who is in your life, it just matters if they care. If you can find a group of people who care the world about you, then you my dear are home. For me home will come one day, I will remain searching with my eyes wide open, hoping for the best! A wise man once taught me to hope for the best, but expect the least. I guess my hopes are always up about things, I just want the best in my life, because I know I deserve it. People think they know everything about my life, but we all have our pasts. Mine I am still trying to cope with and put behind me, but it's hard when some of it is a mystery. I think these next few months will be intresting, it will show if what I have feared for so long is true or if I have mistaken myself and listened to a liar over my knowledge of an amazing person.
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